You’re invited to celebrate this milestone alongside your future classmates at one of our upcoming 接受学生日. These events are your premier opportunity to explore every aspect of PSU and throughout the day, you’ll be invited to enjoy a variety of adventures across campus and be entered into drawings to win some great prizes.

Attending an 接受学生 Day automatically enters you for a 获胜的机会:

  • $2,000住房奖学金
  • 您选择的宿舍
  • 免费2023-2024年停车证


4月15日星期六 ǀ 4月24日星期一



You’re invited 了解更多 about Plymouth State and explore campus during a weekday tour! On-campus visits include an information session with one of our admissions counselors, 由学生带领的校园之旅, 还有免费的校园餐厅. Your campus tour will showcase a variety of campus facilities, residence halls, and classrooms.

点击这里 to view the events calendar to save your spot in an upcoming campus tour!


豹一天 is a unique visit opportunity to shadow a current PSU student through a typical day on campus. 你们将一起上课, 在展望餐厅吃午饭, 体验学生生活, 感受一下当黑豹是什么感觉!

豹一天 is open to all prospective students and is offered on Mondays, 星期二, 整个春季学期的周三. 需要注册, 点击这里 查看活动日历并保存您的位置!

学术讲习会 & 预览天
The Office of 招生 is working with academic programs to expand the selection of academic information sessions this spring. 请尽快回来查看最新的产品!


Attend an academic information session with faculty from the PSU 护理 program 了解更多 about the program, 了解录取标准, 参观护理设施. The final session is happening on Monday, April 3 from 12:45-1:45 PM. 点击这里注册!


Save your spot in an academic visit and facility tour of our Human Performance Center (HPC)! The HPC houses all 健康与人类表现 programs including Athletic Training, 联合健康科学, 锻炼 & 运动生理学、体育教育与公共卫生. 这些课程在特定的周一下午1:15-2:15进行. 点击下面你喜欢的日期注册!



Faculty from Plymouth State’s 数学 programs are hosting an on-campus academic information session on Friday, 4月14日, 下午1:15(美国东部时间). 点击这里保存你的位置!


安排与项目代表一对一的时间 点击这里!


你对学习气候研究感兴趣吗? 博士联系. 阿维莱斯,气象学 & 气候研究 Program Coordinator at 冰球突破, at lavilesbramer@admissions.shougen.net 了解更多.

计算机科学 & 技术

点击这里 了解更多 about the programs offered within 计算机科学 & 技术!

环境科学 & 政策

博士联系. Lisa Doner, PSU’s 环境科学 and 政策 Program Coordinator, at ladoner@admissions.shougen.net 要了解更多信息,请安排时间聊天!


Contact the Instructor and Director of Business Students, Denise Hutchins by email at dmhutchins@admissions.shougen.net 要了解更多和安排时间见面1:1!


点击这里 与项目代表安排1:1的时间! We recommend prospective students choose the “anyone” option rather than a specific staff member, 这样你就有了最多的选择!


想了解更多关于冰球突破的营销计划? 点击 在这里 to schedule a 1:1 time to meet with a representative from the program.


你对学习气象学感兴趣吗? 博士联系. 阿维莱斯,气象学 & 气候研究 Program Coordinator at 冰球突破, at lavilesbramer@admissions.shougen.net 安排一个见面的时间,了解更多.


联系公共卫生教授兼协调人Dr. 我是芭芭拉·麦卡汉,邮件地址是 bmccahan@admissions.shougen.net 了解更多 about majoring in 公共卫生 and schedule a time to connect!


Contact the Instructor and Director of Business Students, Denise Hutchins by email at dmhutchins@admissions.shougen.net 了解更多,并安排一个时间连接!


安排一对一的谈话 和其中一个 大学荣誉计划 协调员.


If you’re interested in working with Plymouth State to host a high school or special group tour, 请发送电子邮件给州立大学招生活动协调员, 玛弗麦肯纳, at mlmckenna@admissions.shougen.net.

Groups of 10 or more people will be better served by arranging a separate group tour of the campus. Group tours are welcomed on a space-available basis from June to early December and from February to March.


Explore campus at your own pace using Plymouth State’s self-guided campus tour booklet! The self-guided tour includes a walking map with information on each of the 15 buildings you will see along the tour route.

The self-guided tour booklets are available for visitors to pick up in the front vestibule of our admissions office (Russell House). Russell House is located at 27 Highland Street, Plymouth NH 03264. You will be able to enter the front screen door of the vestibule and find the booklets to your left.




Prospective or recently admitted graduate students are invited 了解更多 about Plymouth State and enjoy the natural beauty of campus during an in-person tour. 校园参观包括学生带领的校园之旅, and an opportunity to talk with a faculty member for your program of interest or a representative from the 研究生 招生 Team. 参观将带您进入拉姆森图书馆, 教室/办公楼, 及哈特曼联合大厦(HUB). During the spring semester we will offer individual tours which can be scheduled Mon-Fri between 9am-3pm, 请致电1-800-FOR-GRAD或发送电子邮件至forgrad@plymouth与冰球突破联系.埃杜安排你的旅行.



Schedule a meeting 和其中一个 members of our graduate admissions team 了解更多 about your program of interest. We are happy to meet in-person at the 招生 Office, over zoom or by phone. 冰球突破:1-800-FOR-GRAD或forgrad@admissions.shougen.net

咖啡 & 问题

你带问题来,冰球突破买咖啡. Meet with one of our 研究生 招生 counselors on Main Street in Plymouth at Cafe Monte Alto, or local coffee shops at locations throughout the lakes region or north to Lincoln. 请发邮件至forgrad@plymouth安排时间.edu


冰球突破欢迎学生在周二上门咨询, 星期三, 周四上午8点至下午3点. The 招生 Office is located on Highland Street between Lamson 图书馆 and Boyd Science Center.

If these options do not fit your schedule, please reach out to us at forgrad@admissions.shougen.net 冰球突破可以找个合适的时间!


注册 for one of our upcoming Information Sessions w在这里 the 研究生 招生 Team along with faculty will be able to answer your questions about program offerings, 课程交付选项, 申请流程, 如何注册课程, 经济援助和更多.


Please contact the 研究生 招生 Team to schedule a phone advising appointment, 变焦会话, 或者面对面的会面.


We are continuing to accept applications for the Summer 2023 Cohort, please apply through ptcas.org, or check back soon for Information Sessions and Campus 访问s beginning in July 2023.


MBA 4+1 Cohort: 2023年春季的时间表将很快公布-请回来查看!



  • Applied 气象学, Monday January 30 from 4:00-5:00pm in Boyd Science Center -OR- via Zoom


  • 2023年春季的时间表将很快公布-请回来查看!


Our Spring 2023 event schedule will be posted soon – please check back!